Sheri Espinosa Director of Agent Training/Developement

Sheri Espinosa Director of Agent Training/Developement

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About Sheri Espinosa Director of Agent Training/Developement

If you’re looking for the best possible outcome and smoothest transition when it comes to selling or buying your house, a one-size-fits-all approach will rarely get you there. Unfortunately, that is what most real estate agents have for you:  when selling, they will evaluate the house, compare it to other similar houses nearby, set a price, and put it on the market.  But this generic process ignores several very important factors that your agent should be taking into account for you. What many don’t realize is that two identical houses should be sold very differently, depending on the owner of that house and their circumstances. When buying, your agent needs to understand Your needs, and be creative in finding homes that will fit your needs.  That may not always be a move in ready home, that may be a home that needs some updating or “personalizing” to your lifestyle.  That’s why its important to have a team of skilled trades, lenders, and title agents to help where ever they are needed!

Because I’ve worked in real estate for over 20 years, I’ve developed processes and resources specific to each different situation you might be in. Factors such as whether you are currently living in the house we are selling or not, or whether you are moving locally or out of state  – or whether you are looking for your primary home, vacation home or investment property… those things and more impact the “right” way for us to listing or purchasing your home. 

I learned early on in my professional life that having systems and resources in place were extremely important to experiencing low-stress success. Before I got into real estate, I was an administrative assistant (AKA the “glue” that holds every successful office together!). Not only did that teach me how to be organized, detail-oriented, and communicate well, but more importantly it taught me how to have a specific process for everything. There should never be a one-size fits all solution, but we also shouldn’t have to wing it or reinvent the wheel every time we do something. There is a formula for us to follow for selling or buying your house based on your specific situation; so we’re going to start with your needs, and apply the right strategy for you based on that! That is the only way we can keep the stress low and your benefits high. Let’s take a look at your situation so I can show you how we can get you there together! 

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